Overcoming The Lack Of Understanding In The Use Of Competitive Intelligence In Litigation In Nevada

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for law firms in Nevada, as well as across the country, is to move from time-honored and traditional ways of gathering information and preparing for a trail to new, technology-driven options.

In the last two decades, the use of artificial intelligence in gathering and analyzing Big Data, or large amounts of data, has been beneficial for businesses of all types and across all sectors. In fact, the use of artificial intelligence in data collection and analysis has made it possible to not just consider historical trends in markets and consumer behavior but to also make predictions for the future. This is all based on data. It is based on the specifics of past behaviors and current behaviors with regard to the circumstances that also occurred.

Moving Into the Future

While law firms have always relied on anecdotal information and cursory reviews of past rulings when gathering information on Nevada judges, this is really an ineffective and incomplete option.

Today, thanks to algorithms that utilize artificial intelligence technology, legal analytics firms can provide highly accurate and data-based competitive intelligence for litigation.

This data is available through databases and public information. The advantage of utilizing a company that offers competitive intelligence for litigation is that is it done for the attorney or law firm, all that is required is providing the name of the judge and requesting the report.

These reports offer competitive intelligence for litigation in the form of background litigation and non-litigation experience of the judge, information on her or his educational background, as well as information current and past notable cases and case summaries. Information on the judge’s workload, the time to court, how he or she tends to rule on motions and comparisons to the judge’s rulings compared to other judges in the state all provide valuable information in preparing for the case.

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