When You Need the Services of an Auto Body Shop in Johnson County

There are a great many things to consider when a person is looking for an Auto Body Shop in Johnson County. Taking a little time to go over a few things when looking for an auto body shop can make the process of getting collision damage repaired a lot easier.


The first thing to consider is choosing an auto body shop that offers a warranty on the labor as well as the parts they use to repair the car. Most shops offer some sort of warranty but, in this instance, the warranty may only last 30 days. In comparison, a shop that offers a one-year warranty as opposed to a 30-day warranty can be a good thing. However, a good auto body repair facility will likely offer a lifetime warranty on the parts and the labor that went into repairing any collision damage.

Factory Replacement Parts

It is always best to make sure the auto repair facility uses factory parts to repair the damage to the vehicle. Some repair facilities may charge for factory parts and then turn around and use aftermarket parts. In some instances, the auto body shop may not give the car owner a choice in the matter. That is why it is important that the car owner either demands the use of factory parts or considers going to an auto body shop that only uses factory body parts unless otherwise directed by the car owner.

Get Multiple Estimates

Another important step to choosing the right auto body shop is to shop around if possible. Getting at least three estimates from different auto body repair shops is a good thing to do. Looking at the estimates can help a car owner to know which Auto Body Shop in Johnson County is going to provide the best terms at the best price. However, if an insurance company is picking up part of the tab, they may encourage the car owner to go to a specific body shop.

Choosing a collision repair shop to have your car repaired after an accident isn’t something you should do lightly. That’s why, if you want to know what a quality auto body repair shop has to offer, you may want to browse our website for more information.

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