Things to Know About SUV and Van Rental

Whether it’s vacation time or there’s car trouble, Suv Van Rental can provide a customer with advantages that taxicabs and public transportation can’t offer. However, there are costs to consider, and the facts on this list can help customers go into the rental process with the information they need to make an informed decision.

Credit Cards Offer Insurance Coverage

When someone rents a vehicle, they’re usually offered insurance coverage at the rental car counter. This coverage is often quite expensive at $10-$25 per day, and it’s not always necessary, even if the customer’s auto insurance policy doesn’t offer rental car coverage. Most credit card companies offer similar coverage at no additional cost, but renters should confirm coverage before signing an agreement.

Are the Kids (or Others) Driving? Be Prepared to Pay More for a Rental Vehicle

Youth isn’t an advantage for Suv Van Rental customers. For a while, companies wouldn’t even rent to drivers under the age of 21. Now, most companies will, albeit at a higher daily rate. Even if all drivers are over 21, most rental car companies charge for each registered driver. Before renting an SUV or van, think about how many drivers are needed, and limit the number to keep fees down.

Fuel Costs More at the Rental Counter

On the way to return a rental vehicle, the last stop should be at the nearest gas station. The majority of rental car companies require customers to return vehicles with a full tank of fuel, and if the customer forgets, they’ll get charged the rental car rate for the fill-up.

Bringing in Extras Helps Customers Save Money

The little things really count, and that applies equally to rental cars and their fees. If a customer needs GPS or a child safety seat, or if they want to listen to satellite radio, they should be prepared to pay extra. When possible, customers should bring their own extras and have the rental company remove them from the bill and the vehicle before it’s driven out of the parking lot.

The Final Word

It’s possible to enjoy the benefits of renting a vehicle without all the extra fees, as long as customers go in prepared. Customers should do some research and ask questions so they know what they’re paying for (and what they’re getting) when they sign a rental agreement. For more information, visit You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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