Must-Have Features of a Compact Speaker System

If you want big sound in a little space, you may want to opt for a compact speaker system. Unlike larger stereo systems that can be complicated to setup and use, compact speakers are generally easy to operate and can be installed in nearly any room of your home. By considering the various features of each compact speaker system, consumers can determine which system is best suited for their individual needs. Best of all, these compact systems can fit in nearly any space and are designed for modern aesthetic appeal.

Specs and Sound Quality
While specifications can tell you a little about your compact speakers, it’s better to have a listen to their output for yourself. It’s always best to audition a set of speakers before you buy. While evaluating speakers, they should be tested properly to determine if the speakers provide a good balance between the upper, midrange and lower frequencies. A good quality speaker system should not sound muddled and should output clear music.

Power Handling and Wattage
Power handling can tell you how much power the speakers can take without damaging, referred to in the form of watts. Both amplifiers and receivers are designed to boost the sound coming from your audio source or television. When pairing an amplifier or receiver to speakers, it’s critical to ensure that they contain enough power to handle the output.

Voltage Sensitivity
The voltage sensitivity can tell you how loud a speaker will play at a specified voltage. This information can give you a general ideal of how large of an amplifier you will need to power the speakers. The measurement is given as a certain number of decibels, for example “88db/2.83V.” For a modest sound, look for a speaker system with an output of at least 86dB or higher for sufficient home sound.

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