Why Maytag Air Conditioners Are the Right Choice

When the time comes to replace an air conditioning unit, a person may simply choose the unit with the lowest initial cost. However, doing so can be a mistake. Many of these units are made in third-world factories and make use of inferior parts or aren’t subject to quality inspections. Nobody wishes to install a unit in the home only to find it doesn’t work as intended. When a person chooses Maytag Air Conditioners, however, this is never a concern. The company goes out of its way to be certain consumers receive only top-quality units that do the job they were purchased to carry out.


One reason people choose to purchase an air conditioner made by Maytag is these appliances come with a 12-year limited parts warranty. It’s frustrating to find the AC doesn’t work when it is needed most and even more aggravating to learn the parts needed to make it operational again aren’t covered under warranty. This is less of an issue when Maytag is selected. Furthermore, the air conditioning units come with a dependability promise, which varies based on the model selected. A person knows they are getting a quiet machine that will last them for years into the future thanks to these guarantees.

Quality Assurance

Maytag knows individuals want value for their money and ensures this is exactly what customers get. Every unit sold by the company is checked 144 times before it ever leaves the factory. What other company goes to such lengths to ensure the product works as intended? The company undertakes these checks to make certain the customer has a reduced risk of a factory error interfering with their unit once it arrives at the home or office.

If you want to know more about Maytag Air Conditioners, contact Jones Air Conditioning and Electric (Jonesairconditioning.com). Whether you own a million dollar home or are responsible for repairs at the church you attend, this company can be of help. They take on any job, regardless of size, and ensure the work is done right the first time. Give them a call today for all of your air conditioning needs. They will be happy to help. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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