Make Your Booth Stand Out at Every Trade Show

Trade shows are the perfect forum for start-up companies with new products to introduce. They are also the best place for established businesses to get exposure to unlimited potential customers. Showing up at a trade show is not enough. To make it worth your time you need to stand out among the crowd.

Professionally designed trade show displays are a great place to start. Banners, signage and displays with bold graphics are important. They help get your company noticed and create the vibe you want. In order to present a cohesive image, it is often necessary to purchase your items from a company who is able to provide everything you need all in one place. Do business with a company that understands the need for your logo to be displayed prominently and in an effective manner.

There are many products to consider when designing your trade show booth. Banner stands are an easily portable method of displaying banners and they pack a serious visual punch. Hanging signs will make you visible even across the trade show floor. Hybrid displays, fabric panels and pop-up displays are all tools to consider when creating your booth.

It is also important to remember the little things, because the details are what often makes all the difference. Table covers, literature racks and even flooring. It may seem unnecessary, but flooring can be the one little thing that makes you stand out. It can turn your area from just another booth into your own little personalized shop.

Remember that everything needs to be portable. Items that are lightweight and easy to set up are going to save you and your assistants a lot of headaches. Your design needs to be flexible. Pick items that can be adjusted for other shows. Booth sizes or venues may change and you will want to have items that can provide the same look on multiple scales. Only purchase durable items so they can be used more than once. Everything needs to be able to withstand the packing and unpacking many times.

Most importantly, make sure all your items are well-printed. The logo should be clear, all the colors should match with your current advertising. The only way to garner brand recognition is to make certain your advertising is always consistent. That way customers will still be able to find you even after the trade show is a distant memory.

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