Lost the Key? Get Help Opening Safes in Floral Park NY

While safes are a great way to keep important belongings and paperwork safe from being stolen, if the key or combination to the safe is lost, there is no way to access those belongings anymore. Anyone who has a safe that they cannot open, however, can speak with a locksmith who can help with opening Safes in Floral Park NY quickly and easily, with minimal potential for damage to the belongings inside.

Create a New Key for the Safe

If the safe was opened by a key and there is no longer a key available for it, a locksmith may be able to create a new key. They will know the base key to use based on the manufacturer and style of the safe, then can use specialized knowledge and tools to be able to create a brand new key that will unlock the safe easily. The safe owner will then be able to access the safe as needed so they can continue to use it.

Figure Out the Safe’s Combination

If the safe opens with a combination, it may be possible for a locksmith to determine what the combination was. This is done by listening carefully to the safe and through specialized knowledge of how the safes work. In most cases, a locksmith will be able to determine the combination. When they can’t, it might be possible for them to change the combination to the safe to a new one so the safe owner can continue using it.

Drill and Remove the Lock

When it is not possible to create a new key, like on a safe that is very old, or to determine the combination, such as if the locking mechanism is broken, the locksmith can drill into the lock and remove it. This is often only used when there are no other options because there is a chance of damaging the belongings in the safe and the safe will no longer be usable.

If you have a safe that you are unable to open anymore, contact a locksmith for help today. They can help with opening Safes in Floral Park NY so you can get to your belongings quickly. Visit Able Lock Shop online now to learn more. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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