Looking for Aquatic Adventure? Look for Homes for Sale on Lake Travis!

4913172_lIf you’re looking for homes for sale in the Austin area and love aquatic recreation, you should consider moving to Lake Travis. Developers are planning to build one of the largest marinas on Lake Travis at Cypress Creek cove. While the plan originally included floating homes as well, it has since been scaled back somewhat to just the marina. While floating homes are no longer included, if you’re looking for homes for sale on land, you’ll be sure to find something close to the proposed Lake Travis marina. If you plan ahead now, you can find homes for sale close to the proposed Lake Travis marina before the area becomes even more popular than it is already.

Developers Brian George and John Shipley recently unveiled the new marina plans, which called for a marina with 253,772 square feet of water surface area. This mecca of aquatic recreation would include 203 wet mooring slips as well as 60 personal watercraft ramps. Imagine: if you choose one of the homes for sale on or near Lake Travis, you could look forward to years of aquatic fun on Lake Travis. If you start looking for homes for sale on Lake Travis now, you can beat the rush once the new marina is built.

The recently-proposed marina isn’t the only one in the Cypress Creek area, either. The Cypress Creek area already includes three other marinas close by, including the Cypress Creek Marina, VIP Marina, and Lake Travis Marina. All three are located near (or in the case of the Cypress Creek Marina, on) the beautiful Cypress Creek arm of Lake Travis. If you’re looking for homes for sale that will allow you to live near the best spot in the area for aquatic fun, you don’t have to look far! Purchasing one of the homes for sale near in the Lake Travis area will allow you to bring your boat to these three great marinas, as well as the new marina on Lake Travis once it’s built. Whether you buy one of the homes for sale on Lake Travis, or purchase one of the homes for sale nearby and drive your boat to Lake Travis, you have a number of great options.

The beautiful Cypress Creek area of Lake Travis includes three marinas already, with a fourth one coming soon. If you love boating, there’s never been a better time to look for homes for sale on Lake Travis. Look for homes for sale today, and you can look forward to years of amazing boating adventures on Lake Travis.

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