What To Look For When Choosing A Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Although the diamond tennis bracelet has been around since the 20th century, it did not receive its name until the 1987 US Open. Chris Evert asked the referee to stop play after her bracelet threw across the court during a vigorous set. The ref granted her request and, although she did not advance far in the tournament, the bracelet forever became linked to this sport because of her innocuous request.

What Are Diamond Tennis Bracelets?

Diamond tennis bracelets also have the name of inline or Eternity bracelets. However, the term tennis registers most with those who want and/or wear them. Tennis bracelets are finely crafted pieces of slender, lightweight jewelry. They feature an inlay of jewels and/or gems including small diamonds. The metal base may be of gold, silver or platinum.

Factors to Consider

Diamond tennis bracelets tend to look great with everything. They are, however, meant for active wear. When choosing one, you need to consider the following:

  • Use: Where will you wear it?
  • Flexibility: Is the style flexible enough for all occasions
  • Diamonds: Look at cut, color, clarity and carat weight
  • Metal: Is it creatively crafted and lightweight enough to exemplify its name?

Consider all characteristic before you decide to purchase the bracelet.

Why Are Diamond Tennis Bracelet Popular?

Diamond tennis bracelets are indubitably attractive. They sparkle and flash on the wrist of the wearer. They can be relatively inexpensive. They can also cost a small fortune. It all depends upon the style and the size of the diamonds or other stones.

The popularity of a diamond tennis bracelet also springs from its variety. Almost any cut of diamond can successfully be used including Asscher and princess-cut. The settings are also diverse. These aspects allow choice and the chance to make a personal statement while wearing a classic, and very classy, piece of jewelry.

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