Lien Property for Sale: Why Sell?

If you are considering what to do with your lien property, you have two options. You can maintain the property and hope to be paid on the lien – eventually. Or, you could sell it. When you sell it, you are guaranteed to get some money in hand for it, and you do not have to wait to do so. If you hold onto it, on the other hand, there is no guarantee what the outcome is likely to be. When you have a judgement on property, you have to take into consideration what your best outcome is. Any judgement lien on real property can be hard to obtain.

What Options Do You Have?

Many people do not realize they can sell their judgement property. It is true that holding onto it and maintaining that judgement is going to yield the highest amount – but only if they paid it. Many times, bankruptcy, sale, and foreclosure eliminate this. In other words, the protection you have is gone. This is why it can be a better option to sell. At Mayflower judgments, we work closely with you to ensure you get the best possible outcome in your situation.

What Helps Us Stand Out

When you use our service, you gain the help you. We provide comprehensive real estate judgement services. But, we make it easier. There are no lawyer fees to pay. There are no collection agencies involved. Instead, you get help with just selling the property.

Judgments on real property are never easy to manage. However, if you have a judgement lien on real property, you do have the option to sell. Selling, in many cases, gives you money in your pocket right away. You do not have to wait or worry about the long-term outcome.

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