A Lawyers Advice for Individuals Accused of a Crime

Most citizens will never encounter any trouble with the law. However, when a crime occurs, the police will often pursue leads to solve the crime. Anyone close to the situation or involved will typically be looked at very closely. Police investigators generally won’t tip their hand when talking with a suspect. They want the person to speak freely without the benefit of legal counsel. Most innocent individuals will assume that they are just helping the police. They would never assume that the police considered him/her a likely suspect. Anyone being questioned by the police should immediately contact a Belvidere IL based criminal defense attorney before speaking further.

Getting accused of a crime is bad enough. If convicted of a crime, the person could face serious consequences like stiff legal fines, court costs and possibly jail time depending on the actual offense and circumstances. Contacting an attorney right from the start can keep innocent individuals from a lengthy court case and/or jail detention. It is always recommended that suspected individuals take their lawyers expert advice and recommendations and follow them. There is a stellar law firm that has a seasoned criminal defense attorney near Belvidere IL.

Without a lawyer’s advice, some people sit in jail waiting months and even years for their criminal trial. Attorneys often have inside knowledge involving the workings of an overburdened court system. When a suspected criminal speaks with his/her attorney, everything said is completely confidential and cannot be used without the client’s express permission. If a lawyer did reveal confidential client information to another without permission, the lawyer could lose his license to practice law. The Crosby Law Firm has a reputable criminal defense attorney that Belvidere IL residents can contact visit website.

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