Kids Need Rain Gear

Cleaning up after children is a fulltime job. They love to run and play, and sometimes they like to do both in the mud! While playing is an important part of childhood, there are things parents can do to keep the cleaning down to a minimum. Take rain, for example. Rain just loves to permeate everything in its path. It can ruin school papers and soak upholstery. There are items parents can buy to make the downpour from the heavens easier to deal with.

Rain Jacket

Purchasing a rain jacket for your child is a great way to protect their clothing. Instead of putting on a fabric coat and sending them off, put on a plastic rain coat. A fabric that absorbs water will only make your child wetter and they will be very uncomfortable. Since a rain coat repels water, the clothing underneath stays dry. Not only that, the rain coat repels water so it is easy to dry and dries quickly.

Rain Boots

Another must-have is rain boots. Rain boots are made of hard plastic that molds to your child’s foot. They come in a variety of heights from ankle high to knee high and in between. They are water resistant, so your child can run and jump in all of the puddles. You know how they love to do that. Rain boots are a great way to protect their pants, socks and shoes from the rain and puddles that form as a result. One last compelling reason to get rain boots is that they come in almost every color imaginable. They also come in tons of styles, as well. You can find the right size and style for your child.

Kids Umbrella

A last important addition for your child’s rain gear collection is a kids umbrella. This will give them the ultimate rain protection. A kids umbrella protects the whole body. This contributes greatly to keeping your child dry. Imagine you are in a rainstorm and you and your child are leaving the store and have to walk three blocks to get home. If your child is equipped with all of this necessary gear, then this walk home will be pleasant for both you and your child. Having appropriate rain gear makes a world of difference.

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