It May Be Time to Replace Your Heating Unit

heating repairs Clayton OH can last anywhere from 10-20 years if maintained properly. If not maintained per the manufacturers recommendations or tuned up and inspected every few years, the unit is not likely to last even 10 years. Other events can shorten the life of your heating unit such as damages caused by animals, accidents and natural disasters. In any case you want to be sure that a licensed HVAC professional removes the old unit and installs the new one its place. Research all of your options because some companies have special offers, discounts and flexible payment plans. Some even work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Being left without heat is no joking matter and in extreme temperatures can be an emergency situation. Don’t wait if you think your unit needs to be repaired or replaced, call right away.


Never try to perform the replacement or new installation yourself unless you are a licensed HVAC technician. It is a complicated process that if done incorrectly could not only damage the unit and your home, but also create a fire hazard. Always verify the license of the technician as you do not want an inexperienced person performing the work. You also will need to insure that the technician or company performing the heating repairs Clayton OH has good insurance coverage. In the unlikely event that your property is damaged in the process or damage occurs due to improper installation the company or technician will need to have the means to cover the costs.


Replacing a heating unit can be a complicated process which involves dangerous steps. Any electrical wiring attached to the unit will need to be properly removed, labeled and inspected. This will need to be done while the power is cut off from the area. Many times a new thermostat will need to be installed, which also requires tedious electrical work. Any oil or water in the unit will need to be carefully drained and disposed of. If it is connected to a gas line the valve will need to be shut off so the unit can be detached from the pipe. The air supply will have to be detached and the return air connection duct will need to be removed by unscrewing or using aviation snips. After everything has been disconnected and removed, the installation of the new unit can begin which usually involves working the previous steps backwards. The new unit needs to be connected to the air supply and connected to the return air duct. This step may involve sheet metal work or shop fabrication. Then any gas lines and electrical wiring can be hooked up. If the unit needs oil or water it will be added during the last step before the breaker is turned back on. It is easy to see why only a HVAC professional should perform this job as there are many tedious steps involved.

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