Including Blue Granite Countertops During a Kitchen Remodel in Bainbridge Island Wa

Granite countertops are popular choices when homeowners want a Kitchen Remodel in Bainbridge Island Wa. The more common color blends include shades of black and dark gray, along with the natural stone people are most familiar with. That is a blend of pink, white and black stone along with quartz crystal giving it a sparkling appearance.

The Color of Granite

The color of granite depends on the types of stone that are included as well as the prevalence of each one. The inclusion of blue labradorite is an example of blue granite. Geologists might dispute whether true granite technically can contain this blue stone, but manufacturers of countertops still call the material granite because of the characteristic patterns that are also seen in the pink, black, white and crystal stone. The blue color is still provided by natural stone and not by added synthetic material.

Blue is not that common for countertops, whether of granite or another material. Nevertheless, some homeowners dream of having blue granite countertops in the kitchen. The choice makes a bold statement.

Hues for Other Features

One of the more attractive kitchen designs has the blue countertops along with off-white or another light hue for the cabinetry. Another possibility is to have light-colored natural wood cabinets and off-white paint on the walls. It’s important to avoid colors that clash, since blue is not a neutral tone. The stone tends to be relatively dark, which must be considered in the entire color scheme.


Lighting with this design also must be considered because of the dark shade taking up much of the horizontal flat surface area. A Kitchen Remodel in Bainbridge Island Wa might be able to include larger windows or windows that have more glass area to bring in extra light. A bay window or garden window might replace a flat one, for example. In addition, better artificial lighting such as track lights can be installed.

Granite countertops installed by a remodeling contractor like Silverbo bring added sophistication and elegance to the kitchen. Blue gives the room a bit of an exotic look since this is an unusual choice.

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