Important Things To Know About Laser Hair Removal For Vancouver Patients

Living in Vancouver, or even just visiting the area, provides wonderful weather throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons. With beaches and great hiking trails through the mountains as well as festivals, concerts, and sporting events, being comfortable and not having to worry about body hair throughout the year is an important consideration.

There are only a few ways to avoid unsightly body hair on the legs, chest, back and underarm areas, and these are used by both men and women. Waxing, shaving and even plucking hair is always an option, but at best this is a temporary solution. These processes also lead to increased issues with ingrown hair, irritation of the skin, and even rashes for many people.

A Better Solution

A safer, easier and more permanent option is to use laser hair removal services. In different spas and treatment clinics in the Vancouver area, different types of laser technology are used. Additionally, the technicians completing the process have different levels of expertise, training, and experience.

Ideally, it is important to look for a provider experienced in laser hair removal. Choosing a clinic with a doctor managing patient care is important, as incorrect use of the lasers with untrained and inexperienced spa staff can result in damage to the skin.

With professional technicians familiar with the process and the use of lower fluence pulses with a higher rate of pulsing, even stubborn areas of hair follicles can be easily removed. The use of this lower fluence pulse light is very safe for the skin, eliminates any discomfort during the process, and can be used for most patients.

It is important to understand that laser hair removal does require ongoing treatments to prevent new hair follicles from producing hair. Over time and with regular treatments, this will slow dramatically for patients using top medical aesthetic clinics in the Vancouver area.

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