Important Skills for a Receptionist Job in Tulsa, OK

You may think that being a receptionist just means answering phones, but this isn’t the case. People who are looking to find a Receptionist Job Tulsa OK position should have some skills.

Must Be a Good Multitasker

Because receptionists need to be able to do multiple things at the same time, good multitaskers tend to excel at these jobs. A receptionist may be dealing with an in-person visitor to the office, multiple phone lines, and tasks assigned by other employees all at the same time. Being familiar will all of these routine tasks and how to handle them can make this multitasking easier to deal with.

Must Have Excellent Communication Skills

First and foremost, the receptionist is a communicator. She is the first person that visitors to the office or people were calling the office deal with and is often responsible for handling much of the written communication coming from the office as well. This requires good verbal and written communication skills.

Should Have Good People Skills

As with communication skills, people skills are essential for those who want a Receptionist Job Tulsa OK companies are offering. They have to be friendly, put people at ease, and be good listeners so they can quickly pick up on what a customer or fellow employee is looking for so they can meet these needs. Their actions reflect not just on them, but on the company as well.

Needs to Be Organized

Because a receptionist needs to handle so many different tasks promptly, they need to be organized and able to prioritize so everything gets done when it needs to be ready. Receptionists also need to be able to find the contact information and correspondence people are looking for quickly and easily, so being organized is essential.

Must Be Dependable

A good receptionist should be dependable. If they mess up and don’t get things done or don’t show up on time, it can cause problems for the other employees or the company.

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