How VSAT Satellite Internet could be right for you

Many companies now choose maritime satellite internet, even if their country has a strong telecom infrastructure. You can’t afford to be disconnected from your internet and potential customers. Having a reliable internet connection is essential if you want to promote continuity at work. Just imagine if your internet went down for a few hours. If your website is hosted through your ISP, it would be down, and customers couldn’t access information. You couldn’t handle online queries or chat online with potentials, either. The serious repercussions are nearly endless.

More Coverage/Throughput

Unlike cable internet, maritime satellite internet coverage isn’t limited to suburban or urban locations. One satellite can provide coverage for the whole of the country. If it isn’t sufficient, multiple satellites can be used, as well. Therefore, you’re always online and never have to deal with downtime.

Depending on the style of satellite used, you can lower the cost of your bandwidth and use smaller antennas for coverage.

Quicker Installation

While you’re likely to need a professional to install everything, it can be done quickly once you have the appropriate equipment. If you have no other means of connectivity (such as DSL or fibre-optics), you aren’t likely to get someone to run the lines for you. It’s highly expensive and may not give them a high-enough ROI, which means they may be unwilling to do so or may charge you higher prices to do it.

Tougher Security

Most people agree that satellites are more secure. They have to be while they float through space because you don’t want other countries to gain access to any information. Therefore, it stands to reason that the internet would be more secure without you having to do anything else, though you probably want to include firewalls and other security measures.

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