How To Make your T-Shirt Work with your Wardrobe

Sure, T-shirts for men in Georgia are easy and fun to wear. They are, however, also associated with some bit of negativity. This is especially so if they are not dressed in the right way. To fight off any negative connotation, you should ensure that you dress and match the T-shirts properly with the right coloured shoes and pants. It is also imperative that the T-Shirts for Men in Georgia are the right fit.

Choosing the right fit and size

With the many different fabrics that companies use to make their T-shirts, it proves difficult to get an exact size. As such, before you choose the size, consider the fit. Speaking of which, there are three fits; Big & Tall, slim fit and regular.

The regular fit goes without saying that it has been designed to fit an average frame and should never be too oversized or too snug. The slim fit is more of a tailored cut. It curves inward at the torso and hugs the body. But even while this is the case it should not be too tight to be confused for a wet suit. The Big & Tall fit is made for those men who are over 6’2”.

After you have determined your fit, you can move onto the size. When choosing the size, remember that the shoulder seams should be just right and not hanging outside of the shoulders, the bottom of the shirt you choose should only be an inch lower than your waist and not past the halfway point of your fly. As for the sleeves, they should be halfway between the elbow and shoulders.

Choosing a colour

The golden rule of thumb when choose the colour of your T-shirt is that dark colours obscure while light colours tend to highlight. If you are looking to flaunt your upper body, light colours; orange, yellow and red will do just fine. However, if you are self-conscious of your upper body, dark colours; navy, brown and black are best.

While choosing the colour, you should consider the colour of your hair, skin and eyes. To know which will work for you, hold up the different colours in a mirror and obey your first reaction – it is always the right one. Any colour you choose, and know that you are free to choose any, should be complementary to your features. It would be pointless to wear yellow if you look ridiculous in it.

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