How to Get Started With a Bankruptcy Lawyer In Tacoma, WA

When debt collectors are constantly calling and letters of harassment are being received in the mail, individuals can find themselves feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Thankfully, there is a way to stop the harassment and eliminate debt once and for all. Individuals who are in over their heads with debt need to consider hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer In Tacoma WA. With the help of a lawyer, the process of filing for bankruptcy is much easier and will give the individual peace of mind.

Scheduling a Consultation Appointment

One of the first things a person needs to do is to schedule a consultation meeting. At this appointment, there are several documents the individual will need to bring. Being properly prepared for the meeting will allow an individual to avoid wasting the time of their lawyer and their own.

  • Income statements for at least six months should be brought in so the individual’s income can be properly verified through mean’s testing.
  • The individual will need to bring in the last two years of their income tax return documents so the lawyer can use these to verify information.
  • A list of all debts and the creditors that hold those debts will need to be brought to the meeting. It is helpful if account numbers and contact information are included in the list.
  • A list of all monthly bills and the amounts due each month will also need to be brought in since this information will be used to fill out the bankruptcy paperwork.
  • Deeds to any real property should be presented to the lawyer, so they can add this information to the bankruptcy filing.

Get Started Today

If you have been dealing with more debt than you can handle, there is legal help available. With bankruptcy, you can legally overcome your debt and the collection calls stop. Bankruptcy can even help homeowners who are about to lose their home to foreclosure.

Call the office today and ask to schedule a consultation with the Bankruptcy Lawyer In Tacoma WA. Allow them to help you overcome your debt so you can finally have the peace of mind you deserve.

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