How to Find a Social Security Lawyer for Your Social Security Claim

The process of filing a social security claim without the help of a social security lawyer can be confusing, stressful, and ridden with unforeseen hurdles that can keep you from achieving the settlement you are entitled to.

But with the help of expert social security benefits lawyers, the application for social security disability doesn’t have to be a challenging endeavor that only adds stress to your already trying situation.

The following is our go-to guide concerning the who, what, and when of finding a professional yet compassionate social security lawyer for your claim to help you receive the compensation that you deserve.

What does a social security lawyer do?

Social security lawyers in Michigan work every day to advocate for the rights of the disabled in our society.

Before retaining a social security lawyer, you will first meet with the legal professional at the law firm of your choice for an initial review of your case. At this point, the lawyer will review your claim, denial, and determine the most strategic means of moving forward towards a successful application.

If you decide to retain the lawyer based on this initial review, the lawyer will the likely begin to gather the medical evidence necessary to prove your claim. This will include acquiring written consent from you for access to any medical records that may be pertinent, as well as written statements from your doctors concerning your written diagnosis, prognosis, and residual functioning capacity that affect your ability to work.

Why do I need a social security lawyer?

Of course, it is not required that you retain an attorney in your social security claim. However, statistics indicate that applicants are far more likely to achieve the benefits they are seeking when applying with the help of an attorney.

This communicates to the SSA that you are serious about your application, but it also ensures that all paperwork that is necessary – and that you may not realize is necessary – is present and accounted for in your claim.

In addition, retaining an attorney ensures your claim does not get bogged down in the application process and that you receive the compensation that you need as quickly as possible.

When should I find a social security lawyer?

Disability benefits are administered at a federal level by the Social Security Administration, which is tasked with providing the financial support necessary to individuals who have suffered an injury that has rendered them unable to work and achieve a living wage. In addition to providing coverage for medical expenses, disability benefits also help injured citizens maintain access to the living expenses of everyday life.

Unfortunately, when it comes to applying for social security disability benefits, the majority of applicants will be surprised to find that their initial claim is denied.

While initially applying with the help of an attorney can significantly increase your odds of a successful application, it is imperative that an attorney is retained to help you appeal an initial denial by the SSA. This is because, once a claim is denied, it becomes increasingly more likely that it will be denied with each appeal.

Therefore, at the appeals step, it becomes vital to have expert social security disability lawyers on your side, advocating for your rights to disability benefits. As a trained professional who is intimately familiar with the appeals process, your lawyer can work to ensure that your appeal is a strategically sound and convincing argument while advocating on your behalf.

The takeaway

When it comes to achieving the social security benefits that you need to continue living a life that is unhindered and not defined by your disability, there is no sound reason to leave the success of your application to chance.

Contact your local team of social security lawyers in Michigan today.


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