Should You Hire a DWI Attorney?

Driving while under the influence can carry hefty penalties in every state even if a person is a first-time offender. States are cracking down on DWI offenses and working to put laws into place to curb this behavior. When someone breaks the law and becomes a defendant, it is crucial they get legal help to protect their rights and best interests. A defendant’s rights are never negated even if they are guilty of breaking the law. Hiring a DWI Attorney is a must.

Why Hire an Attorney?

One of the first decisions a person will need to make is whether to hire a DWI Attorney to represent them. Although defendants certainly have the right to defend themselves, this is generally not recommended. Without a strong knowledge of the law and their rights, individuals can find themselves dealing with a host of issues and an unfavorable outcome.

  • Hiring an attorney means the rights of the defendant will be protected at all times. Without an attorney, the defendant’s rights could be infringed upon.
  • When an attorney is hired, they carry out an extensive investigation that could result in important evidence that helps in the defense of the case. Without the right level of evidence, the charges could be difficult or even impossible to overcome.
  • Attorneys work to negotiate with the prosecution, which can sometimes be favorable for a defendant. Plea bargaining can help to reduce the charges, get them dropped, or at least reduce the penalties that will be faced.

What Should Defendants Know?

DWI defendants can face stiff penalties that can negatively affect their lives for many years to come. A DWI conviction can affect a person’s rights to drive and could lead to negative ramifications in their personal and professional lives. Although no outcome can be guaranteed, there is a much greater chance of a favorable outcome when an attorney has been hired.

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