Here’s How You Can Use Sales Coaching to Attract the Very Best Sales Talent

Do you and your company need sales marketing training? Is your company a big fish in your small industry pond? Or are you a teeny, tiny guppy that’s fighting for your piece of market share with piranhas? Your company might be seeking out sales presentation skills programs so that they can get a bigger slice of the market share. Your sales executive team might also want to do everything they can do to get the best sales talent in the area. Those companies that seek out sales marketing training want great talent but they’re having trouble attracting it.

If you’re competing against behemoth companies in your space, this article will teach you some of the things that you can do to help you and your team.

Talk to As Many Candidates As Possible

If you want to hire employees from your competitors, note that this is not such a great strategy. How do you get the best salespeople from your competitors to come over to your side? Come up with a scalable process to find great talent. Your competitors probably enrolled in sales presentation skills programs before attracting people who were truly excited about their new earning opportunities, professional activities, and new chances to gain valuable skills. Many of your toughest competitors have managed to do this without spending a ton of money.

When looking for top talent, talk to a wide variety of salespeople. If you do this, you just might find your very own diamond in the rough before long.

Be Creative

There could be many reasons why you’re losing salespeople to your competitors. Now is the time to get creative. Study your industry. Recognize trends. Put yourself out there and use social media to do it. Find some way to set your company apart during the recruitment process. Try some of the following tactics:

  • Video interviews
  • Texting candidates after the interview
  • Combining interview steps to expedite the process

For more information about recruiting a great sales team, contact The Sales Coaching Institute in Chicago, IL.

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