A Guide to Buying a Man’s Bracelet

Most men don’t want to wear too much jewelry, so it’s important to carefully choose everything you plan to wear. As you browse through an almost unlimited bracelet selection, it’s sometimes hard to find the right piece. Here are a few helpful tips to make shopping gold bracelets for men, a pleasurable experience.

The Value of Simplicity

If you want to wear a gold or diamond bracelet, balance it out with something simple. Perhaps a watch with a leather strap for the other arm and a ring without too much “bling.” Keeping it simple makes it easy to choose what you want to wear, and most people equate simplicity with masculinity.

Look for Matching Metals

Are you wearing a yellow gold ring or chain? If so, rose or white gold may look out-of-place. It’s best to wear metal that compliments your skin tone too. For example, for darker colored skin, yellow gold is the best choice. However, anyone can wear yellow gold, but if you have fair skin, white gold may work better. Rose gold is a good “middle of the road” choice.


You’ll see a lot of diamond bracelets designed for men these days. Black diamonds are popular and affordable, and many of these diamonds bracelets have contrasting gold for a unique appearance.

Cuban Link Jewelry

When most people think about Cuban link jewelry, they refer to gold neck chains. Although they are wildly popular, Cuban link gold bracelets for men are becoming more popular too. They are sturdy and the perfect match for a gold neck chain. Also, you can find some excellent selections for around $300 or less.

Where to Shop

Shopping gold bracelets for men is not hard, but you may find some of the best deals with reputable online jewelers. You can take your time and browse page after page of high-quality and affordably priced selections.

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