Giving Cattle The Best Food

As a cattle owner, one of the responsibilities that you have is to make sure they receive the proper nutrition that they need. If you have a lot of cattle to feed, then you might be trying to find a few ways to save a bit of money while still ensuring that they are fed. One of the things to keep in mind about cattle feeding is that each cow has different nutritional requirements. When the cow isn’t growing as much, then it doesn’t need as much food as a cow that is in its growing stages would need.

Another component of cattle feeding is that you need to ensure that the hay you give is of the best quality. If it’s a higher quality, then your cattle likely won’t be as hungry as they would be if you were giving lower quality hay or other types of food. Corn stalks are a good option to consider if you don’t have access to a lot of hay or if your cattle are in mid-gestation. Many cows enjoy grazing and eating corn stalks and husks when left to get food on their own instead of seeking out hay.

Consider mixing corn stalks and hay if you bale your own products for cattle feeding. You’ll be able to save money on the products that are used while still giving your cattle quality food that they will enjoy and that they need to grow. If you notice that there are few corn stalks left in a field, then it’s probably time to move your herd to a different area so that they can begin looking for other sources of food. They will let you know when they have consumed all that is offered by the way they don’t want to eat any longer. Allow your cattle to eat in an open environment instead of eating in an enclosed space as they could try to compete with each other over the food that they get.

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