Getting The Best Price On Metric Weld Stud Orders

While many companies working in the United States in construction, fabrication and manufacturing industries do not need to worry about metric weld stud sizes, there is an increasing number of companies exporting products to the rests of the world that will.

Prefabricated metal cabinets, equipment, and parts and system components exported to other countries for sale or use may need to use metric sizing. Finding large volume orders of metric weld stud sizes is not always easy if contractors or OEMs are relying on standard fastener supply companies or general industrial supply distributors.

A better option is to turn to specialized weld stud manufacturers. These companies offer high inventory levels combined with years of experience, ensuring the correct sizes and types of weld studs are supplied to suit the needs of the job.

To get the best prices on your next order of weld studs, metric weld stud sizes as well as weld stud equipment, there are a few simple strategies any contractor or OEM can use.

Buy in Bulk

For OEMs and contractors, buying standard and metric stud sizes in bulk rather than in multiple small volume orders will be helpful in cost savings. Weld studs of all sizes and designs are easy to store, making them a simple item to keep in inventory.

Buying in larger volume orders not only helps to get the best price per unit, but it will also help in reducing shipping prices over multiple orders. Add in the amount of time saved in receiving and inventory management with small orders and the savings can really add up.

Specialized Companies

While it is possible to purchase weld studs, including the metric studs, at a variety of different general contractor or industrial supply centers, they often have a limited supply for large volume orders, and they tend to only carry common sizes and alloys. By using a specialized weld stud manufacturer, there are lower costs combined with the ability to fill orders quickly.

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