Getting Rid of your Junk

Junk, scrap, waste, refuse, trash, garbage, whatever you refer to it as it is stuff that you don’t need any more, and you need to get rid of it. Junk can be categorized into a variety of types, such as wood and natural products, plastics, glass and metal. Each type of material is treated and processed differently once it reaches the plant. Metal can be found in every aspect of our lives, in building construction, cars and appliances. Once those items are no longer of use they can be processed and melted down to create new products, using environmentally friendly methods. Scrap metals are usually taken to a wrecking yard or breakers yard where it is gathered using huge magnets and split into different types of metal, such as iron, steel, copper and brass. Once the metal is all sorted each category has a different melting process but it all leads to new products being made from old stock.

Treatments and Disposal

Plastics are also treated and recycled into new bottles, new toys, sheeting, and other forms of new plastic items that can reduce the carbon footprint by using clean recycling methods. Glass bottles can also be recycled and made into new bottles. Some bottles can be directly returned to the store for a refund and people will tend to do that where possible, but those that get broken are always sent for processing. The benefits of recycling scrap products is an energy saving of up to 75% and raw material usage is reduced by up to 90%. It also seriously reduces air pollution by up to 86%.

In the past Junk Removal Long Island may have consisted of having it removed and sent to a landfill site on the back of a garbage truck, but as times change and eco-friendly methods increase, people are now more considerate of recycling items or disposing of them in a more safe way. We are now realizing the environmental costs of landfills and poor waste disposal management. Not only does food waste attract flies, rodents and other small creatures, but it smells terrible and takes years to degrade. Many people choose to set up composting corners in their gardens or yards, but this is not always possible if a person lives in an apartment.

If you have junk to get rid of, it is best to call professional waste management company who will come to your business or residence and assess what needs to be done. They will remove all your junk in a tidy and clean way, leaving you with the space you need in your premises or home. They may also sensibly recycle your junk because as they say, what is waste to one person is gold to another.

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