Get Top-Notch Bail Bond Services in Largo, FL with Little to No Money

Lack of funds doesn’t have to prevent someone from getting a bail bond. Lack of funds to pay bail in full is exactly why people often need bail bonds. Bail bond services in Largo, FL are among the best, boasting comfortable payment options and 24/7 availability.

After an Arrest

Depending on the charge, a detainee’s bail amount might be available immediately. Some county jails post bail amounts for common offenses. Felons typically have to await arraignment or a special bail hearing to receive an exact bail amount. To initiate the bail bond process, the bond agent needs to know the full bail amount, the detainee’s full name, charges, detention location, and booking number. Background on the case or the detainee’s criminal history may or may not be relevant as well.

Cost and Payment

The bail bond isn’t equal to the full bail amount; it’s 10 to 15 percent of it. The bond agent collects the 10 to 15 percent as a nonrefundable fee that does not include court filing costs.

One can pay for the bail bond using cash, personal checks, business checks, and credit cards. For those who quality; there’s financing, an arrangement that lets bail bond applicants pay for a bail bond in installments.

One can apply for a bail bond by email, phone, or fax. One can even pay for it online. Release times after the agent posts the bail bond at the court or at the country sheriff’s office range from a few hours to several days.

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