Fall Reminders for Residential Landscaping in Anaheim

California may have more moderate weather changes into fall than the rest of the country, but that does not mean it is possible to forgo lawn care. Landscapes look best when they receive 12 months of care, and fall helps to prepare for the cooler days of winter. Here are some things homeowners should remember as the calendar moves past the summer months.

Prepare for Winter

Fall enables the homeowner to take some steps to protect their lawn until spring returns. Residential Landscaping in Anaheim in fall begins with mowing. Raise mowers to leave about a half-inch more grass than what normally is cut through the summer. The longer blades enable the roots to grow deeper so they have less exposure to the colder temperatures above.

Stop Insect Nesting

Insects need a hiding spot as the temperatures drop and piles of leaves and other lawn debris work perfectly as a home. Remove all dropped leaves, sticks and grass clippings on the yard to avoid large insect populations, as well as rodents.

Fertilize the Lawn

Fall is a great time to add fertilizer if the soil has a need. Sometimes the need is obvious just by the sight of the grass, and other occasions may require a soil test. Homeowners that have not fertilized for several years may want to have a soil sample taken to check the condition of the yard before they decide if the lawn needs fertilizer.

Address Soil Compaction

Residential Landscaping in Anaheim can also help when lawns are compacted due to heavy equipment from construction or constant foot traffic. Aeration adds oxygen to the soil to nourish the roots of grass and other plants, and it makes it easier for water to absorb into the soil.

Weed as Needed

A lush lawn becomes less aesthetically pleasing when weeds appear. Fall is a great time to address weeds through removal and treatment. Herbicides added in the fall can prevent weeds from taking root over the winter.

Homeowners do not always have the time, equipment, or confidence to address their landscape issues. Unfortunately, the tasks lawns need cannot always wait. A call to a professional landscaping company like Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc will guarantee the protection of the lawn during every season. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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