Exclusive Puppy Care in Zip 78259

Exclusive Puppy Care in Zip 78259

Puppies can certainly be a handful. They have enormous amounts of energy, are fast, and want to explore everywhere. These characteristics are delightful but make it difficult to get basic grooming completed. Instead of chasing the puppy all over the house or yard, take it for exclusive Puppy Care in zip 78259.

The Puppy Package

This package designed for puppies up to four months old and those up to six months old includes a bath, a blow dry, nails trimmed and filed, and trimming of the feet and face. Puppies are clean, look great, and smell nice without taxing their attention spans or patience. The variety of dog packages can wait until the pup gets a bit older.

A La Carte Services

There will be times when that little ball of energy gets into a bit of trouble and requires special bathing or grooming services. Baths can include flea and tick shampoo or skunk-odor eliminating shampoo. De-matting services are available in case the mud, leaves, or the thicket patch in the back caught the curious eye of the newest furry family member. Knowing these services are available for puppy care in zip 78259 makes dealing with these types of situations much less stressful.

Special Options

Dropping everything and loading the pup in the family vehicle to go to the groomers may not be feasible in some cases. That situation is no problem because there are transportation services offered. The puppy can be picked up, taken to the grooming facility, and delivered home once services are complete. The family vehicle does not get dirty or smelly, and the convenience is perfect for those with hectic schedules.

Mobile grooming is also an option. This service books up quickly, so it is strongly recommended that owners book appointments at least one month in advance for mobile grooming services. This will not help in the case of a skunk encounter, of course, but is something to keep in mind when regular grooming is needed. Contact us for details on services, pricing and we will answers to any questions. The website includes a wealth of information as well.

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