Eliminate Transmission Problems With Help From Expert Auto Mechanics in Corvallis Oregon

An automobile failure can occur for many reasons, but some of these can result in expensive repairs. For instance, replacing the transmission could easily exceed a thousand dollars and a new engine may be even more expensive. Thankfully, these kinds of problems can be avoided by taking the vehicle to the best Auto Mechanics in Corvallis Oregon. Consider the case of a slipping transmission. This problem can be caused by several things including excessive wear, dirty fluid or a low fluid level. A mechanic can help by checking the unit, cleaning it thoroughly and filling it with fresh fluid.

Cleaning the transmission is known as flushing. It works by washing out any old fluid and loose dirt in the system. Straight fluid flushing works well when the transmission is serviced on a regular basis. Unfortunately, if the transmission goes too long without service, the fluid and debris inside will break down, overheat and scorch. The mechanic will need to clean the unit more thoroughly using highly pressurized fluid.

Many automobiles operate with front wheel drive and this can complicate the mechanics of the drive train. For example, the front wheel drive system uses a CV (constant velocity) joint to connect the transmission to the driving wheel. This is a flexible bearing that is capable of high speed rotation at various angles. They can be a real pain to replace if they aren’t handled properly. Expert Auto Mechanics in Corvallis Oregon know the correct steps for the removal and replacement of the CV joint used in the various vehicle makes and models. A driver might notice the CV joint is failing by the odd clicking noises it makes when the vehicle is moving.

Of course, not all automobiles use an automatic shift transmission. In fact, some drivers prefer the manual shift model for performance and control reasons. Manual shift or so-called standard shift transmissions are extremely durable components, but they do have a weakness. The clutch that is used to disengage the engine can wear down and require replacement. The clutch assembly is a mixture of parts such as the throw-out bearing, pressure plate and clutch plate that must work in harmony. Excessive use can wear down the surface of the clutch plate and require its replacement. Discover more information about auto and transmission repair at domain URL.

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