Details About Using Collateral For Arlington Bail Bonds

In Texas, criminal defendants get released from the county jail either by paying their bail or purchasing a bail bond. The bail bond provides a more affordable solution for defendants who don’t have a lot of money. A bonding agent provides a variety of Arlington Bail Bonds according to the type of criminal charge applied.

Types of Collateral

The criminal defendant can use a variety of collateral to secure the bail bond. Real estate is the most common form of collateral since it has a higher than average value. Jewelry, automobiles, and any assets with an appraised value that is greater than the bail amount is acceptable.

Proof of Ownership

The criminal defendant or their representative must have proof of ownership for the collateral. Deeds and titles are given to the bondsman for the collateral. The bondsman keeps the deed, title, or ownership certificate until the criminal defendant fulfills their obligation to the court. The defendant or their representative must sign over the collateral when obtaining the bail bond.

Obtaining the Bail Bond

The bondsman provides the bail bond to the county jail, once the criminal defendant or their representative completes documentation for the collateral and the bail bond. A judge’s signature is required for the bail bond, and if the defendant is arrested on the weekend, it is harder to get in touch with a judge. The correctional officers start out-processing for the defendant once they receive the bail bond.

A Failure to Appear in Court

If the defendant doesn’t appear in court, then the judge signs a warrant for their arrest. The collateral used for the bail bond is seized by the bonding agent. When a defendant doesn’t appear in court, the bonding agent loses their investment and becomes responsible for the full bail.

In Texas, criminal defendants get out of jail if they are eligible for bail. A bail bond provides the defendant with a more affordable choice for getting released. The financial product is available for a percentage of the bail. A bonding agent offers bonds according to the criminal charge. Criminal defendants who need to find out more about Arlington Bail Bonds contacts a Bondsman right now.

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