Designing Trade Show Display Booths

Designing trade show display booths takes a delicate approach. It’s easy to see all your options and go overboard or head off in unhelpful directions. With the right provider, however, you won’t have any problems finding a unit that works for you and your bottom line.

Know the Atmosphere

The display booth is an important part of your trade show presence. Not only do you need to focus on making a good impression, you must do what you can to avoid making a bad one. Those opinions will follow you everywhere, and at a trade show, you are speaking directly to your target market.

Consider what you expect to see from your peers or get a look at photographs from the trade show in previous years. Professional is the look you are aiming for. If you stand out, it should be in a good way. That means bringing more than a lawn chair and a cooler but not necessarily investing $20,000 on your display unit either. Your clientele should not be intimidated by your display.

Know Your Market

Attending a trade show not only introduces you to other businesses from which you can glean information, you most likely will wind up speaking to your ideal customer. What do these people need to know? Make sure your booth makes the statements that count. If you’re selling an insurance product, for instance, you want to use colors that instill a sense of reliability versus a chaotic, too-vibrant print, no matter how cool it is.

Know Your Budget

There’s a reason trade shows have a variety of trade show display booths in any given area. The variety keeps people’s interest, but there are also different types of businesses represented. At the New York Auto Show, you have juggernauts like Ford and small, specialty manufacturers like Aptera. Everyone has their own budget to spend on display units.

Thankfully, you can give your area a professional touch with just over $100 and have a complete, professional display for under $1000. A lot depends on the space you’ll need and the area you have to fill. If you wind up with a space that feels empty, use creativity to fill up your room at an affordable price. You can mix and match popups with banners and hanging advertisements. You can pool all your money for a larger system or build up elements over time as you attend more and more shows.

Presenting yourself as a professional doesn’t always boil down to having a ton of money to plunk down on supplies. Designing trade show display booths takes money but more so, consideration and time. With a shoestring budget, you can create the perfect look and a lasting positive memory of your business.

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