Defining Martinsburg WV Insurance Laws Through A Car Accident Lawyer

The state of Martinsburg WV requires all drivers or licensed vehicle owners to purchase and maintain liability insurance. They require the standard allowances which include a minimum of $25,000 for injuries that offers a maximum of $50,000. The standard $25,000 for auto and property damage must be included in the policy. The state initiated enforcement of the nation-wide mandate to prevent the need for litigation. However, if you were injured in an automobile accident and did not receive compensation, contact a Car Accident Lawyer immediately.

The Insurance Laws in Martinsburg WV

The state of Martinsburg WV upholds the mandatory automobile insurance requirements through penalties and fines. Any driver who is caught driving without upholding their financial responsibility is subject to fines and will receive two points added to their driving report. The DMV also upholds the right to require SR-22 automobile insurance, which classifies the driver as a high risk. After an automobile accident, the DMV can also require the higher insurance needs based on risks. These risks are assessed after the department receives the accident report from law enforcement. Drivers who refuse to comply with insurance laws are guilty of a major traffic violation and receive penalties based on the number of prior infractions. If you were injured by a non-insured driver you should contact a Car Accident Lawyer to file a claim. The state of Martinsburg WV has also initiated a crackdown on car insurance fraud. The new laws require a full investigation of all automobile accidents to determine whether they were staged. Medical evidence is required for all injury claims to establish their validity. Some counties are requiring photographic evidence of property damage to prove that the damage was sustained in the accident and not after the fact.

The severity of the accident could dictate further requirements for the at-fault driver. For instance, on top of monetary damages owed to the victim, the county can require them to install ignition interlocking devices into their vehicle. If the driver was intoxicated at the time of the accident, there is a probability of an increased settlement value based on the higher risk. Any fatalities that occur due to this crime could incur further criminal charges as well as civil litigation by the victim’s family.

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