Custom Planter Boxes for Any Space

There is no doubt that any space can benefit from adding a little greenery. Custom planter boxes can be designed to fit any space. You can use these planter boxes in commercial space or residential spaces. They can be used in entranceways, outdoors on patios and in the backyard and so many other spaces.

What Are Custom Planter Boxes?

Planter boxes can be used with both artificial plants and live plants. Custom boxes are boxes that are designed to fit perfectly in your décor and your space. These bespoke boxes are crafted especially for a specific space.

What Spaces Are They Ideal For?

These on trend boxes are being used in both commercial design and home design. They are highly functional and add a great visual to any space. Some of the favorite places to add these boxes include:

  • Entry ways
  • Dining areas in restaurants
  • Office spaces
  • Outdoor garden areas
  • Outdoor dining areas
  • Integrated as part of other hardscape features

Any place that plants would add value to, these boxes are ideal for.

The Benefits

Finding just the right planter for your space can be a challenge, custom planter boxes meet the challenge. They are designed specifically to enhance your space and sized to perfection. In other words, when you choose custom you do not have to settle for what will fit in your space. You can have the interior or exterior design feature that is customized to your space.

Artificial or Living

You can choose to fill your planters with live plants or high-quality artificial plants to get a simply stunning look. Evergreen Walls is the resource for all your custom planter needs. They deliver high quality results that add the perfect touch to any space indoor or outdoor. Learn more about how you can use planters to make a design statement.

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