Crooked Teeth? Braces in Markesan, WI can Help

Parents now know that their children should see the family dentist from the time they get their first tooth. As the teeth continue to arrive, the dentist watches carefully to see if they are aligned properly. This is especially important when the adult teeth emerge. Properly aligned teeth help a person eat and speak properly. They also ensure a correctly formed jaw. When a dentist notices that a child’s teeth are not aligned properly, they can assess what types of braces in Markesan, WI they will need.

Not all children need to wear traditional metal braces with wires connecting them. The dentist may find that Invisalign clear aligners are an effective form of treatment. The dentist will take an impression of both the upper and lower jaws. These impressions are then sent to a dental laboratory, where a skilled technician scans the information into a computer. A special software program evaluates the child’s mouth and determines where the teeth should be. It then designs a series of aligners to transform the child’s bite.

Every two weeks the dentist at Silver Creek Dentistry examines the child’s mouth and determines if they are ready to move on to the next aligner. The aligners are perfectly clear so that most people won’t even notice them. Even self-conscious teens feel comfortable wearing these. Many adults who didn’t have the chance to wear braces as children choose clear aligners as an option. It’s important for patients to ask their dentist if the aligners stay clear over the two week period. Some brands tend to get yellow or cloudy. When this happens they become much more noticeable.

Parents have to ensure that their children wear their aligners throughout the day. They have to be removed for meals and to clean the teeth. Other than that, they should be worn at all other times. While they can be left out for truly special occasions, children have to understand that they have to be worn to school. Not doing so, will prolong the treatment by many months. Once the teeth are in the proper location, an aligner will have to be worn for about a year. This will ensure that the teeth stay in the right spot.

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