Critical Services to Expect From Pediatric Doctors in Summerville, SC

As a parent, you are responsible for the health and well-being of your children. Despite your best attempts to keep them safe, however, you may not be able to prevent them from getting sick or hurt.

When they need to be treated for sicknesses or injuries, you can take them to a healthcare provider who specializes in taking care of children. You can expect to receive these critical services from the pediatric doctors in Summerville, SC. today.

Strep Testing

Most pediatric healthcare providers today can provide testing for illnesses like strep throat. Strep is a relatively mild illness that can progress into a serious condition if it is not treated right away. Most doctors prescribe antibiotics for it.

However, your child must be tested to determine if he or she has strep throat. Many doctors’ offices today use 10-minute rapid strep tests to see if strep bacteria grow on a child’s throat swab. If the test comes back positive, the doctor prescribes antibiotics for the illness.

Suturing for Minor Wounds

Children can also suffer from minor wounds and cuts that need to be sutured. Instead of taking your child to the emergency room, you can have the injury stitched close at his or her pediatric provider’s office. The doctor uses the same anesthetic and materials for closing wounds as an ER doctor.

You can learn more about services to anticipate from pediatric doctors in Summerville, SC. online. Contact Charleston Palmetto Pediatrics at today.

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