Communicate with Spirit by Using Shamanic Rituals

Many people who hear the word “shaman” may picture a wild eyed medicine man with an animal skin wrap around his waist. In truth, however, a shaman looks just like anyone else except they have worked very hard to hone their special abilities. Some people are naturally born shamans, others must put a lot of time and effort into learning the shamanic rituals that are used throughout their work. In most cases, a shaman will communicate with spirits and even animals by using a method known as “journeying”, something that anyone can learn to do.

Shamanistic Rituals of Today

Someone who is labeled a shaman will use a variety of rituals to communicate with those in other realms. Shamans who do this are typically focused on healing and cleansing. Seen as a type of medium, a shaman will channel energy and enter into a different level of consciousness in order to gain knowledge and perspective on how they may assist someone else. Shamans will also connect to the spirit world in order to gain advice from the spirit world or other types of assistance.

Though shamanic practices are some of the oldest spiritual practices in the world, many modern people use these practices today. They will use rituals such as drumming, singing, meditation and visualization in order to reach a point where they experience journeying, also known as shamanic flight or out of body experience. When this happens, shamans are able to easily communicate with spirits. This is something that anyone can learn to do though some people are naturally born with a healing energy, meaning it will be easier for them than for others.

Basic Beliefs of Shaman

Shamans certainly believe in the power of their rituals and they consider themselves part of nature. They believe that all in nature is not only alive in some way, these animals, trees, plants, etc, have spirits of their own.  All of this together makes up the natural world and all life in this natural world is considered to be necessary as well as equal. Shamans believe in the power of spirit and connect with this spirit all the time.

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Edwina Holness

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