Common Garage Door Problems: What You Can Do About Them

Be on the lookout for signs of common garage door issues and problems. Here are simple and easy fixes you’ll want to know:

Your car refuses to open or shut

Look at the electronic keypad first. If the keys are already stuck or damaged because of moisture or have been worn down by years of use, then it might be a faulty opener or broken keypad that’s causing the problem.

What you can do: Hire a repair service for residential garage doors in Oklahoma City. That way, you won’t have to resort to guesswork to solve the problem. You can rest easy, knowing pros are on the job.

Your door jams

If your door stops halfway through whenever you close or open the door, the problem point to a mechanical problem, the Home Advisor says. However, it won’t hurt you to check the track. If there’s rust or blockage, getting rid of those can easily fix the problem for you.

You have a leaking door

If there are leaks around your car door, that could point to a problematic door seal. It could also lead to a lot of problems, including higher energy bills. Scout around for a new one. Hire a residential garage doors in Oklahoma City to put it in place. With a new door seal, you can say goodbye to those leaks and spare yourself the time and trouble of dealing with premature replacement costs in the future.

Your car door won’t stay open or close

If your car door keeps sliding down, that might be weak springs at work. On the other hand, if the door keeps sliding up, then the springs might be too strong and wound up tight. You’ll need to hire a pro to help you deal with these problems.

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