Cleaning Different Types of Floors

No matter what type of industry your business falls under, there is one thing that you are guaranteed to have: floors. While every business or industry has flooring that needs to be cleaned, not all of those flooring types will be the same. When you contact your chemical suppliers in Great Falls, MT, you will need to know what type of floors you have to clean before you can order your industrial cleaner. At Advanced Chemical Solutions, we can help you find the right cleaner for your floor type.


If your business is an office setting that doesn’t get a lot of in-and-out traffic, vacuuming a couple times per week can probably keep the floors in fairly good shape. If you are in the hospitality industry, like a hotel, your carpet will need vacuuming at least once per week to keep up with all the traffic it will see.


Hardwood floors can be a little trickier to keep clean because you can’t saturate them with water. Wood is much too porous to handle very much water. Depending on the traffic of your business, your floors may need to be swept multiple times per day. They should be washed at regular intervals with a cleanser that is designed for hardwoods.

Vinyl or Laminate

Cleaning vinyl and laminate flooring is very similar to cleaning hardwood flooring. The material is generally porous and doesn’t take well when exposed to too much water. The flooring can begin to peel if that happens. Daily sweeping and regular mopping with an appropriate cleanser is the best way to keep it looking good.


The way you clean your tile floor will depend on what type of material your tile is made of. Some vinyl tiles need to be cleaned with a nonabrasive cleanser to prevent scratches. Another thing to note is the grout. Special brushes may be needed to get the grout clean as well as the tile.


The best way to keep concrete floors looking clean is to seal it before it sees too much traffic. A sealed concrete floor won’t absorb anything that is spilled on it, and it will be easier to sweep and clean.

Now that you understand the different types of floors, you are ready to speak to a chemical supplier in Great Falls, MT. Advanced Chemical Solutions should be at the top of your list because we are experts in the field of industrial chemical cleaners.

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