Choosing Contemporary Music for Church Services

One of the things believers disagree about the most after doctrine is the style of their music. But churches fighting over the type of songs used for congregational singing is nothing new. Churches have been fighting over it for centuries. In spite of the apparent controversies, believers continue to enjoy all types of traditional and contemporary Christian music in Albany. But if you are in charge of making the selections for next Sunday’s morning service how do you know what is best for the congregation? Here are a few easy tests to determine what is suitable.

What is The Message?

This is probably the simplest test. Look at the words without thinking about the style of the piece or whether or not it fits into the traditional genre or is considered contemporary Christian music in Albany. Does it line up with the message of the Bible? Or does it contradict the basic doctrines of the Word of God? Since you are seeking to glorify God, it’s important that the songs you choose are consistent with scripture, no matter what the style.

What is The Purpose?

Every song written had a purpose in the songwriter’s heart. Think about what the song’s purpose is, or what it is trying to encourage believers to do. Is the music joyful, soothing, uplifting or sad? Also, consider music may have seasons. Some pieces may simply not be appropriate at a certain time.

What Emotions Does it Elicit?

Contemporary Christian music in Albany should stir emotions. Sometimes it can stir positive or negative ones. Ask yourself if the song stirs negative feelings of sinfulness. Corporate music should stir up a passion for serving God, be holy, and pray. Evaluate the types of emotions or feelings certain songs may stir up and make sure they are moving people toward God and away from sin. Visit the Hope 1079 website to learn more about today’s music.

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