Why Choose Natural Nicotine

With more companies and people beginning to manufacture their e-liquids for vaping, there is an increasing demand for large amounts of liquid nicotine. This has also led to increased numbers of suppliers offering their nicotine. It can be a little difficult to know where your nicotine comes from and how it has been prepared.

Chances are you’d prefer a natural extract from tobacco leaves that came from a laboratory setting than a synthetic solution out of someone’s bedroom. The truth is, this is something that should be transparent and easy to find out from any nicotine supplier, but it’s not always that easy. Make sure that the supplier you choose for natural nicotine provides information that ensures you are getting the best of the best.

Nicotine Quality

When choosing any chemical, it’s an excellent idea to request certificates of analysis, which prove it is authentic and the quality you expect. You should also be aware that pure nicotine is dangerous for someone to handle. If it isn’t mixed with accurate, modern equipment, you could end up with an impure concentration that is not exactly what was ordered.

Choosing USP or EP Nicotine

USP (U.S. Pharmacopeia Convention) is a nonprofit scientific organization that is in charge of setting quality standards relating to the strength, quality, identity, and purity of medications, dietary supplements, and food ingredients that are consumed, manufactured, and distributed on a worldwide basis. The standards in place by the USP are enforceable in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration. These same standards are also used in over 140 countries.

European Pharmacopeia, also known as EP, is the European version of the USP. It is a published set of monographs explaining the general and individual quality standards for dosage forms, ingredients, and analysis methods for medication. This leads to a common quality standard that can be used throughout Europe to control medications and substances that are used to manufacture medications. Both human medication and veterinarian medications use this set of standards.

Selecting an Established Supplier

While searching for the right supplier of natural nicotine, it’s important to do your research. The best selection you can make will be a manufacturer who specializes in high-grade nicotine compounds for use in various nicotine replacement products. Find out about the facility where the manufacturing process takes place to determine if the company has modern technology and machinery in place for the best results.

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