Check Your Warranty When Purchasing Portable Trade Show Displays

You’ve made the investment in one or more portable trade show displays and exhibits are excited about the adventure you or your employees are about to embark on with your upcoming shows. You have trained your employees about how to interact with the participants at the show and hope it will be a success. After your first show, you return back to your business and find out the display was somehow damaged. Are you covered under the company’s warranty? A scenario such as this makes it important to include an inspection of the warranty when you purchase your exhibit.

Understand the Warranty

In order to understand the warranty, you need to have a copy of what it covers. Make careful consideration of this when you are looking for the perfect display. Some companies will readily display the warranty on their website, but you should still ask for your own copy. Read it over carefully to determine what is and is not covered to ensure you are comfortable with the purchase you are making.

Consider Your Needs

The frequency with which you use your portable trade show displays should play a factor in the warranty you receive. If you are only going to participate in one or two shows, the warranty won’t matter to you as much as it would to the company that participates in them monthly. If you foresee using your display often, you want a warranty that covers defects, as well as accidents that might occur. Keep in mind, however, that most damage that is your fault will still cost you a certain amount of money for repairs.

Know What to Do

When you purchase your display, ask what the process is to file a claim against your warranty. Some companies require you to ship the product back with a specific form that details the problem. Others simply require you to call customer service or fill out a form online and wait for further instructions.

The warranty of the portable trade show displays you purchase play an important role in the entire process. Your warranty is as important as the product itself because it protects your financial investment in the event something goes wrong with your display. Make sure to read your warranty carefully before making a decision to purchase a display to ensure you are as covered as you deem necessary.

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