What Can a Rigging Contractor in Houston, TX Do for You?

A rigging contractor, also known as a rigger, is a professional who uses hoists and pulleys to arrange “rigs” for moving about heavy machinery. The job of a rigger is much more complex than it seems, primarily because every machine needs to be moved in a different way. As a result, the rigger has to perform complicated calculations before rigging up the pulleys and hoists for any job. The rigging industry is divided into three major types of service providers, each of which offers a service at a different stage of the move. Here are the three types of riggers that you will encounter if you are planning on moving heavy machines.

The Load Movers

Any rigging contractor in Houston, TX who offers direct moving services for different industries is known as a load mover. These guys make difficult calculations and then determine how the machines must be lifted and moved. Typically, these are the people responsible for making the calculations and then determining how to move the weight.


You will also come across a Houston rigging contractor who offers trucking services, moving the machinery from one place to another. The load movers have to lift and place the machines on top of the trucks, after which the truckers are responsible for transporting them to the designated locations.

Crane Companies

A rigging contractor who offers crane operations is crucial for moving the machinery. These are the guys who do the hands-on work when it comes to lifting and moving the machines (the load movers make the appropriate calculations and set up the rigging in place only).

These are the essential types of contractors and service providers that you will come across if you are planning on shifting your machinery.

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