Brighten Your San Rafael Home With Window Replacement

One of the differences between older homes and new homes is the size, shape, and features offered in windows. Changing the old windows on a home for new window replacement designs can create a new look both inside and outside of the house.

Many of the older homes in San Rafael, as well as other areas around the state, tend to have the smaller, higher windows throughout all rooms in the home. Even the bigger rooms such as the kitchen, dining room and living room area tended to have smaller windows for cooling and heating considerations throughout the year.

Now, with advanced technology, even larger picture, bay and bow windows can be highly energy efficient. Choosing window replacement options with double and triple panes as well as Low-E coating on the glass allows you to open up a room with a big window and not have to worry about increased heat in the summer or heat loss on chilly winter nights.

Different Styles

Some homeowners in the San Rafael area may not want to substantially change the size or the shape of the windows, but simply give the interior and exterior of the home a more modern look.

Choosing vinyl window replacement designs, or going with aluminum or fiberglass windows, allows for a smaller overall frame and much bigger, brighter windows. There is also the option to choose how the windows open, which can include casement or awning styles of windows as well as those that slide behind each other or offer side lines that open off a solid single center lite.

There are also traditional types of French styles of windows, or even those that tilt or turn into the home for easy cleaning of the outside from within the house. Taking the time to look at the new options offered by Northwest Exteriors provides lots of ideas for brightening up any home.

If you are considering window replacement in the San Rafael area, look at the window options offered at Northwest Exteriors. More information on our window lines and styles can be found at

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