Bloomington Countertops in Granite, Quartz or Marble

Homes, buildings, and offices are made beautiful by the installation of marble, granite and quartz countertops. People are impressed with their enduring beauty and soundness.

Granite for Bloomington Countertops
Granite happens to be one of the most preferred materials for countertop construction. It is durable, sold, and resists stains. It can also stand up to high temperatures and easily resists water stains. Under normal wear and tear, it also resists scratching or breaking. For commercial or residential use, it can be ordered in colors that include gray, tan, yellow-gold, brown, peach and blue-gray. Being a natural stone, its colors are limited. However, these colors will not fade or discolor with normal use. Granite responds well to cleaning chemicals and only needs an occasional sealant to ensure its longevity.

Quartz for Bloomington Countertops
Countertops made of quartz have all of the benefits of granite. The exception is that quartz is not completely natural. A small portion of quartz is comprised of resin, which makes it stronger and durable. Dyes for coloration are added as well, which allows for a multitude of colors from which to choose. Natural quartz, without color additives, is a bit dull and unappealing. Another benefit of quartz is that it is non-porous and resistant to bacteria build up. There are not as many natural grains in quartz. It also has fewer veins or flecks than granite.

Marble for Bloomington Countertops
Marble, while luxuriously beautiful, happens to be the most porous of the three. Structurally well-made and sound, it is less forgiving as well. One has to be careful of the chemicals applied. Wine, even, can stain marble if a spill is not cleaned immediately. Proper sealants can protect marble from the factory, or when applied separately. Marble, if not maintained properly, can darken over time.

The three mentioned countertops are more expensive than wood, tile, or concrete. That is understandable because they are rather exotic materials. There is plenty of research information available for research for Bloomington customers. A manufacturer or installer can be very helpful as well in answering any questions. They can also speak to the benefits of each type.

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