Biddable Media Provided by YouConnex

Biddable Media is still a relatively new concept in the industry. Choosing the right managed service provider with experience in digital media and the proven success through programmatic ad platforms you need is critical. For years, our teams at YouConnex have been providing biddable media campaigns for local, national and international agencies and brands. We aid our clients with every aspect of their media such as contextual, behavioral or re-targeting your brand, maximizing the impact on your target audiences while delivering the desired KPI’s.

Biddable Digital Advertising

We offer turn-key campaigns, maintaining and managing every aspect of your media. We remain active in detecting and reducing ad fraud while working to develop a customized plan through CRM integration, tag management, data partnerships and more. We are always seeking innovative and well executed mechanisms to provide accurate and targeted distribution of your media throughout social media, programmatic, paid search campaigns and other forms of biddable media.

We even offer custom training for in-house brand and agency teams.

Managed Service Provider

At YouConnex, we are more than happy to help you as a biddable media agency. We will strive to improve operations for your media site and to cut your expenses at the same time with our low-cost solutions. Our skilled and highly trained team executes thought out and customized approaches to elevate your media. We are also happy to provide custom training for any of your in-house staff or agency teams, offering the right tools and industry knowledge to help you succeed. If you wish to work with us or have any questions, please contact us at (813) 609-3959. If you wish to see firsthand what we can provide, you may also request a free demo below.

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