Best Scuba Diving Facilities For Your Scuba Trips Key Largo

Located about an hour south of Miami, Key Largo is one of the best places in the United States for snorkeling. Also known as the ‘Dive Capital of the World’, Key Largo offers both shallow reefs and deep wrecks. Popular dive spots include the Key Largo Dry Rocks, the elbow, the ‘Christ of the Deep’ statue and the North Dry Rock. More then 1 million people take scuba trips in Key Largo. Listed are two scuba diving companies that provide some of the best facilities which include full service dive centers and daily diving and snorkel tours.


Scuba-Do has been in business for over 20 years and provides one of the best diving experiences in Key Largo. Scuba-Do prides themselves in allowing only 10 divers per guided tour. There is also no need to worry about walking long distances fully geared up; Scuba-Do employees will bring your gear to the back of the boat as well as switch your tanks between dives. A few reefs available for tour include the Molasses Reef, which is over 15 acres and 20-40 feet. It is perfect for both diving and snorkeling. The snapper ledge is a favorite with customers. Just off the ledge is a school of fish which can be spotted so thick that at times you can not see through it. Also be prepared to spot a few nurse sharks and golden tail Moray Eels.

Keys Diver & Snorkel Center

The Keys Diver & Snorkel Center is open every day for snorkel tours and there is no entrance or parking fees. All equipment is included. Three snorkel tours are offered daily. The morning tour departs at 9am and is $29.95 per person. The afternoon mini cruise, with over 2 hours of water time, departs at 12:15pm and is $36.95 per person. The tour returns at 5pm and makes a stop at the Christ Statue. The sunset tour departs at 5:30pm and is $29.95 per person. Keys Diver & Snorkel Center is the first scuba trips Key Largo to offer fluorescent night diving. With the right equipment, expect to see corals and organisms in unexpected, neon colors.

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