Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling in Wheaton

Whether you’ve been dreaming of a complete kitchen redesign or you’re currently in the midst of a whole home renovation, consider including a kitchen remodel. Look below for the undeniable benefits of kitchen remodeling in Wheaton.

Remove Asbestos and Hazardous Chemicals
Many older kitchen cabinets, especially ones manufactured before 1978, have a steep risk of containing asbestos. Many Illinois homes built before 1980 carry asbestos and similar hazardous chemicals, so consider a kitchen renovation in order to ensure your family’s health.

Variety of Styles and Sizes
As your kitchen plan begins to take shape, it may become quite apparent that your current cabinetry may not fit your style – or even your future layout. Avoid an eclectic and mismatched feel by choosing the proper cabinet shapes and sizes for your kitchen.

Completely Customizable
Looking for a unique curved peninsula to star in your family gatherings? Or dealing with an unusually shaped space, where regular cabinetry just won’t work? Choose a custom cabinetry plan in order to enhance the unique design aspects of your space.

Close to Home
When you purchase locally, you boost your community’s economy and reduce the amount of time it takes to receive the goods you want. Additionally, shipping takes less time and costs less, which will help you finish your kitchen remodeling in Wheaten even faster. What’s not to love?

Visit River Oak Cabinetry and Design Today
We’re here to offer homeowners thoughtful designs and options for kitchen remodeling in the Wheaton, Aurora, Naperville, and the surrounding communities. We can also assist with your bathroom, home office, entertainment spaces, and bar! To know information visit River Oak Cabinetry & Design.

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