Beating the Heat and Humidity This Summer

The heat and humidity of summer can make going outside uncomfortable. You want to take refuge inside of your home where it is nice and cool.

However, when your air conditioner is not working correctly, the inside of your home can be just as miserable as the outdoors. By hiring a technician who specializes in residential AC repair in Birmingham, homeowners like you can get your system working again and avoid exposure to the summer’s intense heat and humidity.

When you hire someone who works in residential AC repair in Birmingham, clients like you get fast and professional services to get this important system in your house back up and running. For example, you may not know exactly why the system is blowing out hot air on one of the muggiest days of the year. The system could be experiencing several issues that prevent it from cooling and dispatching cold air into your home.

The first thing the contractor might look for is whether or not the system has clogged filters. When the filters are clogged, the system cannot pull in and cool the air needed to keep your home comfortable. Once the filters are cleaned or changed, the AC unit can once again work as it is designed.

The unit may also be low on Freon, which is a coolant needed to lower the temperature of the air in the system. It is not legal for homeowners to put in Freon into their units. You have to hire a contractor to take care of this task for you.

The technician can also check other parts of the AC including its hoses, valves, and coils. If any of these parts need to be cleaned or repaired, they can be serviced during the same call. You can contact a technician today by going online.

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