Basic Types Of Shut Off Valves

In different equipment, systems, machines, and industries, shut off valves are used for quick control of media flow through pipes, tubes, hoses and in equipment. These valves need to be designed and manufactured to offer reliable seals to shut the fluid flow off easily and quickly, while also be long lasting and versatile.

There are several different options or types of shut off valves possible. Making the right selection is a factor of the specific type of application as well as the type of media in the system. The specific location of the valve as well as the conditions where the valve will need to operate will also be important factors in making a choice.

Ball Valves

Ball valves are very common and are used on air compressors, plumbing systems, equipment, machines and in systems. This is a quarter turn valve, which means there is very little movement required to open or close the valve handle, making it ideal for small spaces.

The ball valve uses a ball drilled with a hole to create either an opening to the intake port and the outlet or to close off the flow. These can be metal or plastic, with brass and bronze as well as PTFE and PVC options available.

Gate Valves

A gate valve is one of the most common options in shut off valves used for industrial equipment and systems. It uses a wheel, either large or small, to control a gate that is raised to allow the media to flow or closed to stop the flow.

Gate valves are not used to regulate flow, but they can be a good choice when the flow needs to be stopped gradually to prevent water hammer effects in plumbing systems or other similar types of applications.

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